Sonia Dhillon - Principal Consultant At Smart Business Advisors

Sonia works with CEO’s to make sure they have the financial insights they need to make the best strategic decisions faster and serve their board.

Her 13 years of experience in Accounting (8 years at an Executive level) across a range of industries in Australia means she has developed the skills to deliver Financial Management and Strategic Management and combine these key elements:
1) People are key to the success and accuracy of all business systems and often an overlooked ingredient
2) Processes that are clear and simple are best to allow people to do their work while focusing on priorities
3) System that are easy to use, in line with processes and integrated are best at facilitating easily available financial data that is up to date

Her technical expertise in accounting and tax allow me to provide expert advice to her clients while she guides her team to deliver the financial reporting their clients require.

In her Virtual CFO role she is an expert in
– Developing and implementing financial systems
– Business Strategies
– Implementing processes and controls that significantly improve P&L
– Establishing accounting functions, systems and best practices
– Cost-reduction and efficiency strategies,
– System integration and automation and
– Designing and implementing Tax strategies in complex environment including Public, Private and Not for Profit