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Whether you're running a business or a sole proprietor, tax accounting needs to be done regularly. However, filing taxes isn't an easy feat. It is best done by a qualified expert trained to calculate, verify and file your tax returns. A tax agent is certified by the Tax Practitioners Board and holds valid credentials verified by the authorities.

Smart Business Advisors have certified tax agents in Melbourne. Our tax accountants are prompt, diligent, and take up your calculations seriously. Under our corporate tax services, we systematically perform needful tasks in a timely fashion.

What Do We Offer in Company Tax Services?

Every company incorporated in Australia is required to pay company tax on its profits. For this, certain steps need to be appropriately followed. The first step is to register your company with the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) using the official documents, informing them that you are subject to company tax by creating a business tax account. If your business is subject to company tax, you must calculate how much profit your business earns for each accounting period and how much corporation tax is due on those profits. This information must be reported to the ATO on a company tax return form and supporting accounts. Tax computations must also be supplied to the ATO. There are hefty penalties for late returns, and interest is charged on late tax payments. Hence, it is critical that the deadlines defined by your company's annual accounting date be met.

Tax Accounting Services
Tax Accounting Services
Tax Services
Tax Services

At Smart Business Advisors, we broadly classify our CPA tax services into two major streams:

1. Tax Returns:

Under our accounting and tax services, our tax accountants can ensure you get the most out of your individual or corporate tax return, as they have the knowledge and resources required to calculate all of your deductibles. It becomes easy to meet all requirements expected by the Australian Taxation Office if your tax is computed by a registered professional.

With our licensed tax agents, all of your company's or individual's tax returns will be fully compliant with the law. As each business has its own set of tax rights and requirements, a tax advisor can help you avoid speculation. The best part is employing a tax professional is tax-deductible.

2. Financial Accounting:

One perk of having a licensed tax agent is that it makes end-of-year financial accounting much easier for business owners. A tax agent can complete end-of-year financial statements and financial reports, providing you with reliable and usable data.

Furthermore, a tax professional may assist you with any financial statements, saving you time. They can even help you form a company, ensuring that your firm gets off to a great start. Thus, you only stand to benefit if you hand over your taxation and tax accounting to the industry experts rather than doing it by yourself.

Why Choose Smart Business Advisors as Your Taxation Specialists?

At Smart Business Advisors, we qualified tax accountants and up-to-date technologies to meet all of your taxation and accounting needs. Under our accounting and tax service, we ensure that your taxes are cost-effectively saved your time and money.

For all your tax accounting needs, contact our team of experts on 03 9067 7798 or 0411 136 046. Our accountants can help you with the production of corporate accounts, tax returns, and tax computations, as well as provide advice on any tax planning areas that may benefit you and your firm. You can also send us an email at for more information.

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